What kinds of jobs does Avecra offer?

A majority of Avecra's employees work in the restaurant sector as either train servers or café employees in station restaurants. Servers usually perform shift work in a fast-paced work environment, serving an extremely wide variety of customers. The work of a train waiter is unique, mobile and very independent. Our staff includes young servers just starting out as well as veterans who have enjoyed their work for years.

Our kiosk employees are jacks-of-all-trades, who not only skilfully handle the sales work, but also Lottery and travel document matters. Kiosk employees perform shift work in a pleasant shop environment, where no two days are ever alike.

Employment with Avecra requires

  • a positive customer service attitude and bright smile
  • a professional, energetic approach to work

  • self-initiative and common sense
  • taking responsibility for one's own work, workmates and workplace

  • capacity for change and self-improvement
  • honesty and reliability

  • adoption of Avecra's values

Careers at Avecra

For ambitious, talented and forward-thinking employees, Avecra offers a variety of opportunities for career advancement. Our parent company VR also offers opportunities for advancement.

See career stories of Jenni and Pasi

Our employee benefits

We want our employees to succeed in their work, not to mention thrive in their free time. We offer our employees comprehensive benefits, including: 

  • Incentive scheme for all employees
  • Discounts at hundreds of sport and fitness facilities 

  • Comprehensive occupational health care
  • Benefits at our own restaurants

  • Discounted train tickets (domestic service)

  • Holiday homes for rent in Finland and abroad