Group pre-orders and table reservations to domestic trains and Allegro trains

Group pre-orders and table reservations to restaurant cars

You can make pre-orders for your groups meals or a table reservation for the restaurant car. All pre-orders and reservations must be made seven (7) working days ahead of your journey depending on the nature of the services ordered.

VR Corporate and Group Sales
tel. +358 (0)600 19 009 (1,99 € / answered call + local network charge), Mon-Thu 9-15, Friday closed

Table reservations for groups in the restaurant car
You can make table reservations for 6-14 persons in the restaurant car. Should you have a group with  more than 14 delegates, dining will be organized in smaller groups. 
Table reservations in the restaurant car always require pre-ordering and pre-payment of meals and drinks.

  • Maximum size of the order: 14 persons
  • Order deadline: at least 7 working days before the journey 
  • Products available for order: restaurant car menu
  • Payment method: pre-payment

Please note! In Allegro trains, we only accept table reservations on the outgoing leg of the journey between Helsinki-Kouvola and on the return leg between Vainikkala-Helsinki due to border and customs formalities. The table reservation must be received by the specified deadline.  

Take away products to compartments

  • Maximum size of the order: 50 persons
  • Order deadline: At least 7 working days before the journey 
  • Products available for order: breakfast packages, cold take-away lunches and take away packages
  • Service method: pick-up from the restaurant car or delivery to the compartment
  • Payment method: pre-payment

Due to the limited amount of space in the restaurant car, we can only accept a certain number of reservations. Please note! When an order for a compartment includes alcoholic beverages, a dedicated waiter must always be ordered.

Private waiter for compartments 
If desired, you may order a waiter for your group for an additional charge. 

  • Minimum size of the order: 6 persons 
  • Order deadline: At least 7 working days before the journey
  • Products available for order: selection of the restaurant car and separate cold meal packages for groups
  • Service method: a waiter will serve the products in the compartment 
  • Payment method: pre-payment