On-board group dining

Pre-orders for group catering services and table reservations in the restaurant car on regularly scheduled trains should be made in advance with VR Conference and Group Sales.

Conference and Group Sales
tel. +358 (0)600 19955 (1,99 € / answered call + local network charge), Mon-Thu 9-15, Friday closed

On domestic routes, DuettoPlus cars represent the very latest in restaurant cars, even by international standards. For groups travelling together, we recommend booking seats in the DuettoPlus upper deck passenger compartment. Here, group passengers can enjoy food and drinks purchased on the lower deck right at their own seat, as the entire upper deck area is fully licensed. The upper deck also has a 12-person conference compartment, for which groups can order catering services in advance.

In addition to DuettoPlus cars, group meals can be ordered to all other restaurant cars as well. You may enjoy your meals at your own seats in the passenger compartment or at the restaurant car.  For more information and enquiries, please, contact VR Conference and Group Sales.   


On Allegro, which serves the Helsinki-St. Petersburg-Helsinki route, groups can choose whether they want to order a cold meal service in the passenger compartment or dine at the Bistro Allegro in the restaurant car. Because the entire Allegro train is fully licensed, passengers can also order drinks with their food while sitting in their own seats. For groups of more than 20 persons, we recommend reserving a private waiter, to ensure that the catering service is smooth and quick.

On Allegro, you can host a variety of functions, ranging from bachelor's parties to family celebrations. We will tailor a travel experience that meets your specific needs and wishes.


Allegro in Russia
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